Saturday, February 16, 2013

Contributing and Non-contributing Elements

(extracted from the draft proposal)
The period of significance for the district is 1945-1963 (see explanation in Part 8). Contributing elements include ranch houses and contemporary houses. Per consultation with NPS, two houses outside this period are being counted as contributing because they are close in age and are similar in architectural character to 50-plus year old buildings in the district. One is a ranch house built in 1964 (#109). The other is the home of local architect Thilo Steinschulte, built in 1968 (#85). It reflects the design ethos of an important component of the district – contemporary houses.

There are only 14 non-contributing buildings in the district. They are either (1) fifty-plus year old houses that do not contribute to the dominant architectural character of the district (i.e., not ranch houses or contemporary houses); (2) a severely altered contemporary house with an Eichler roof; and (3) houses that are less than 50 years old (and not close enough to the 50 year cutoff and reflective of the district’s architectural character to count as contributing).

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