Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fred Barksdale Mid-century Classic

A custom contemporary mid-century gem at 2829 Elliott St. is currently listed.  This historic home in the Post-War Suburbs National Register Historic District was designed by Alexandria's great 20th century architect, Fred Barksdale.

From the National Register nomination, "A spreading, flat roof, single story contemporary residence occupying the corner of Elliott and Hunter streets. The design, which borrows from the European International Style and Frank Lloyd Wright, is strongly three-dimensional. It makes frequent and marked use of the right angle, often in a dramatic way. The layout is very cross- axial. The main linear body runs parallel to Hunter Street, ending in a wide carport with an extended overhang. At ninety degrees to the main block are a carport driveway, blank carport end wall, and a wall along the driveway that extends to create a forecourt."